Thursday, October 17

The Return of the Octavia - India

Skoda India finally made a brave move. 
Bringing back the Octavia back without rebranding it into a new model . 

Octavia in India was once legendary and a must gave aspirational car. Skoda's attempt to revive the old charm will pay off well. 

With Delhi pricing ranging from ₹13.9 to ₹20lac it seems well placed against the Jetta & Elentra. With little competition in this range and an expected rise in demand as people upgrade from their Honda Citys, VW vento and Hyundai  Vernas, this segment certainly seems attractive. 

Having already seen a few brand new Octavias on Mumbai roads, it seems to be the flavor of Diwali season 

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Good luck Skoda ! 

That's one sexy looking version !