Tuesday, October 29

Man vs Nature

After 100s if times of me crossing the Vashi creek brige , I stopped there for once this time . Just to check our how a few odd fishermen were trying the old fashion fishing rods to catch some fish . 

Instead of lead or steel weights once used, they now use thrown away automobile parts so that their hooks sink in deep enough.  

The water was muddy as it was low tide and flowing out along with thousands of floating waste plastic around. 

Another guy ( hobbyist) showed me that he can catch wish by using the bait tied to a beer bottle n I was stumped. 

Took a video of it but that doesn't reveal much n well the bottle jus added to more waste on water. But he anyways argued that he has caught many using the technique of bread crumbs inside beer bottle n a bait hook outside.

This time no success. I just got a much clearer view of how we are damaging our environment especially navi Mumbai which is full of mangroves. 

You can see thousands of waste covers , waste wrapped in plastic n thrown to sea , all stuck up in the roots of mangrove tries.

The only positive sight was an eagle easily coming and snapping up a fish while men with baits looks on. 

Nature wins