Wednesday, July 11

Jelly bean : nexus vs others . Does OS version matter?

Google just announced that Jelly Bean update is now rolling out to all unlocked Galaxy Nexus phones. There is no news on what happens to other devices like the brand new S3 or HTC One X.

Is Google out to show its partners that it can stay without them? Or Did HTC and Samsung go ahead stubbornly with their flagships prior to Jelly Bean.
The question is, do OS version n updates have any really impact in device sales?

It's likely that both Google and its partners believes that jelly bean launch will be a no issue in broader market, that it could only affect the purchase decisions of technophiles which are a minority.

As Google haven't been aggressive in driving Nexus devices sales till now, one can't assert that OS versions and updates doesn't matter in sales volume based only on the argument that Samsung and HTC manages huge volumes without bothering on OS versions.

The story will unfold as Google starts focusing on Nexus device sales starting with Nexus 7. All recent news points to a more Hardware focused Google.

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