Sunday, July 8

Feature Phone based payments in India

Prizm already have an impressive record and now attempts to replicate the square model in India using feature phones.

Focus on feature phones makes this story interesting as it would be much more difficult to develop for and run with a multitude of models currently in market. Especially Chinese phones and smaller Indian re-badgers.

More likely, Prizm would stick to standard models available from Nokia and Samsung etc.

The concept of focusing on feature phones seems bright as most of the business owners especially the local gujju baniya shop keepers n local businesses would be still using feature fones.

The only downside seen is that most  business owners using credit card terminals are found to have already using a smart phone or would be using one soon.

In all it seems to be a fair bet as 80% of Indian phones will still remain to be feature fones for the next few years due to the sheer volume of market and Prizm has a opportunity in hand to enable those businesses who can't afford or don't have the volume to support a standard credit card terminal , especially in the semi urban India

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