Wednesday, June 6

Tata Megapixel electric

Tata Megapixel @Geneva Motor show 2012

Tata Megapixel electric car concept
In a pleasant surprise, Tata has managed to merge stunning looks and elegance into their new prototype aimed at micro car markets. Megapixel is a splendid departure from their ugly designs for Vista, Manza and Aria. 

Technical specs for this global range extended electric vehicle makes it rather unbelievable to be a Tata product. Lithium Ion batteries, independent electric motors for all wheels and pro function design makes the vehicle extremely fuel efficient with Tata claiming 900km per tank. 

Rear - Tata Megapixel 
Its encouraging to see that Tata is able to come up with brilliant concepts, steering clear of their bad bets in 2010, 11. Might be, JLR acquisition helps in design. If Tata manages to retain a level of aspiration value in the production variant, this may not fizzle out like the Nano.  

Front - Tata megapixel range extended electric vehicle

Tata megapixel range extended electric vehicle

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