Friday, May 11

Evolution in durablity

My HTC desire HD remarkably survived after sinking into a bucket full of  water (LCD screen looks great underwater) and that makes me wonder what helped it survive while those black n white phones  would die in a silly drizzle.

Rewind 5 or 6 years, Phones used to catch cold the moment it drizzled let alone being drowned. We were used to seeing dead pixels or even broken displays from a tight jeans pocket and a fall means gameover.Apart from 3310 n co, almost all were flimsy, especially the early color screens n camera phones which required a fair amount of careful handling. 
Current breed of cell phones easily copes with such everyday mishaps. Now, dropping a phone is like dropping a pencil. No more lamination, covers & scratch guards. (People still do use them but that's more of marketing + ignorance.)

The credit goes to Apple (again) for introducing the classic iPod design that prioritized sturdy chassis and minimal moving parts over disadvantages like no swappable battery. The walkmans n diskmans never stood a chance.

Among 100s of reviews on next gen devices, durability and general endurance are rarely covered. The design and engineering that makes these devices troublefree and versatile is remarkable and needs better appreciation.

image via Phandroid