Monday, August 6

a super heavy downpour in mumbai while rest of the country faces imminent drought

Like Cloud burst Watch "Super rain @ palm beach road, navi Mumbai" on YouTube Mumbai monsoons are famous for its sudden heavy downpours that seems to come from no where and will catch you off guard, drench you to the bones and then vanish all in a matter of few minutes. I have often been prey to its fury, but this time I got lucky to capture her in full glory. It was almost a cloudburst and was over within few minutes. While year 2012 monsoon seems to be doing well in mumbai, Gods haven't been kind to the rest of India as forecast continues to maintain a  near drought situation. Even Kerala, where monsoon is always at its best haven't seen much action and the wells are running dry. It's our collective failure that even after a very long history of droughts and floods, we still do not have an effective water management policy or a whole hearted approach by individuals and communities to adopt rain water harvesting. All that's been achieved have been a few isolated attempts by NGOs and communities many of which have been successfull but not yet adopted nationwide. Thought of sharing the vdo here for everyone love rain. It's shot with a  HTC desireHD so the AV quality is just average. 

Future growth direction of internet - internet of things


Saturday, August 4

Ford EcoSport

Ford 's take on urban compact SUV is slated for a Diwali Launch. Expect a stripped down petrol near 8 lakhs while the top diesel should go above 12 lakhs  if Ford does include features like hill climb assist, Ford Sync and other goodies for the Indian version. 

Ford definitely will find it difficult to match the pricing of Renault Duster.

Will ecoBoost perform that good in real world?

Ford's award winning 1.0 liter ecoBoost engine powers the petrol version and diesel version will come with the current Fiesta engine. I am eager to try out the ecoBoost engine performs as even the current set of compact cars come with a 1.2 ltr engines.  

This may not help sales in India as Diesel is almost 50% cheaper

Ecosport seems perfect from all sides and the interiors are rich and inviting. But pricing is all that matters in Indian market which is inclined towards quantity against quality. Design and other subtle elements take a back seat here.

Good looks, premium built, great fuel efficiency and a feature packed inside must work magic for Ford in India.

Ecosport has an aggressive SUV stance

Titanium edition wheels look cool

Rich and detailed interiors looks premium

Rear looks good too

Wednesday, August 1

Renault Duster

The Renault Duster is a great bargain prized at 7 to 11 lakhs. While the Duster has a true SUV rugged front, its rear isn't really impressive. While the SUV-high driving position is great, the cabin is just OK. 

The Duster is offered in three engine options. The 1.6-litre petrol engine that delivers 104 PS and two variants of the 1.5 dCi K9K diesel engine — one developing 85PS and other, 110PS. The 110PS would be a fun-to-drive car.

Mumbai suburban rail network timetable

Found a simple and accurate online timetable for Mumbai suburban railway network (mumbai local).

It's clean, simple and adfree unlike the many other sites. Hence this one works like butter on a mobile phone browser.

While Mumbai local has a frequency of 3min at peak, this tool will be helpful for planning those early morning or late night trips when the frequency dips.

Smarter still, you now know whether you can avoid that jampacked virar local for the next which could be a less crowded borivili local.

Thursday, July 26

Nexus q

First, I want one for just for the sheer beauty of it. Google has come up with something that appeals just by its looks. Long journey from the first G1 to Q.

Second, Google now wants to be in our living rooms n even kitchen. Long and unexpected growth path for what was once a information service

Third, Google wants full control. No multiple partners to built this device. In phones, Google struggled in providing singular user experience due to multiple partners n burned fingers, Google TV didn't take off. While Nexus phones n tablets were after thoughts, Q is the first product that will remain exclusively Google.

Fourth, Google wants to be Apple. Own the entire ecosystem from hardware to content. Only Google play store content and youtube. In, Future Q will certainly open up to players like netflix but still it will be via Google cloud.

Finally, While point 1 worked, hope the rest works in favor of Google.

Check the product reviews here. Google certainly doesn't expect it to be a mass market device given its 299$ price tag. Interestingly its first lot is already sold out.

Wednesday, July 11

Jelly bean : nexus vs others . Does OS version matter?

Google just announced that Jelly Bean update is now rolling out to all unlocked Galaxy Nexus phones. There is no news on what happens to other devices like the brand new S3 or HTC One X.

Is Google out to show its partners that it can stay without them? Or Did HTC and Samsung go ahead stubbornly with their flagships prior to Jelly Bean.
The question is, do OS version n updates have any really impact in device sales?

It's likely that both Google and its partners believes that jelly bean launch will be a no issue in broader market, that it could only affect the purchase decisions of technophiles which are a minority.

As Google haven't been aggressive in driving Nexus devices sales till now, one can't assert that OS versions and updates doesn't matter in sales volume based only on the argument that Samsung and HTC manages huge volumes without bothering on OS versions.

The story will unfold as Google starts focusing on Nexus device sales starting with Nexus 7. All recent news points to a more Hardware focused Google.

Read the related news link from pcworld

Sunday, July 8

Feature Phone based payments in India

Prizm already have an impressive record and now attempts to replicate the square model in India using feature phones.

Focus on feature phones makes this story interesting as it would be much more difficult to develop for and run with a multitude of models currently in market. Especially Chinese phones and smaller Indian re-badgers.

More likely, Prizm would stick to standard models available from Nokia and Samsung etc.

The concept of focusing on feature phones seems bright as most of the business owners especially the local gujju baniya shop keepers n local businesses would be still using feature fones.

The only downside seen is that most  business owners using credit card terminals are found to have already using a smart phone or would be using one soon.

In all it seems to be a fair bet as 80% of Indian phones will still remain to be feature fones for the next few years due to the sheer volume of market and Prizm has a opportunity in hand to enable those businesses who can't afford or don't have the volume to support a standard credit card terminal , especially in the semi urban India

Check the TechCrunch report on d same business here.

Wednesday, June 6

Tata Megapixel electric

Tata Megapixel @Geneva Motor show 2012

Tata Megapixel electric car concept
In a pleasant surprise, Tata has managed to merge stunning looks and elegance into their new prototype aimed at micro car markets. Megapixel is a splendid departure from their ugly designs for Vista, Manza and Aria. 

Technical specs for this global range extended electric vehicle makes it rather unbelievable to be a Tata product. Lithium Ion batteries, independent electric motors for all wheels and pro function design makes the vehicle extremely fuel efficient with Tata claiming 900km per tank. 

Rear - Tata Megapixel 
Its encouraging to see that Tata is able to come up with brilliant concepts, steering clear of their bad bets in 2010, 11. Might be, JLR acquisition helps in design. If Tata manages to retain a level of aspiration value in the production variant, this may not fizzle out like the Nano.  

Front - Tata megapixel range extended electric vehicle

Tata megapixel range extended electric vehicle

Check more pics at Yahoo!

Friday, May 11

Evolution in durablity

My HTC desire HD remarkably survived after sinking into a bucket full of  water (LCD screen looks great underwater) and that makes me wonder what helped it survive while those black n white phones  would die in a silly drizzle.

Rewind 5 or 6 years, Phones used to catch cold the moment it drizzled let alone being drowned. We were used to seeing dead pixels or even broken displays from a tight jeans pocket and a fall means gameover.Apart from 3310 n co, almost all were flimsy, especially the early color screens n camera phones which required a fair amount of careful handling. 
Current breed of cell phones easily copes with such everyday mishaps. Now, dropping a phone is like dropping a pencil. No more lamination, covers & scratch guards. (People still do use them but that's more of marketing + ignorance.)

The credit goes to Apple (again) for introducing the classic iPod design that prioritized sturdy chassis and minimal moving parts over disadvantages like no swappable battery. The walkmans n diskmans never stood a chance.

Among 100s of reviews on next gen devices, durability and general endurance are rarely covered. The design and engineering that makes these devices troublefree and versatile is remarkable and needs better appreciation.

image via Phandroid

Jaguar electric sports concept

Artist impressions of a futuristic Jaguar electric sports coupe. Looks deadly and very well matches Jaguar styling. Hope designers at JLR (Jaguar LandRover) do get inspired by this.

Wednesday, April 18

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque has literally taken India by storm. India's rich seems to have found new love with Range Rover and have dumped the once supreme Audi Q7, 5.



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