Friday, September 2

Sony unveils Android P and S

Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer announced his upcoming tablets:
“It’s not about who makes them first, but who makes them better.” 
To me it sounds like
"better late than never".
Having said that,  Sony's new android tablets S and P looks neat and simple just like their names. Running on Honeycomb both models have all the standard goodies, IPS display and Sony exclusives like Bravia engine and playstation connectivity.  As they haven't disclosed the hardware,  I guess it must be a standard dual core processor or wishfully a Sony quad cell processor.

While S is a standard tablet, P is a dual screen device with 2 1024x480 displays that can work independently or in tandem. while such devices have been seen earlier none have been successful yet.

Sony S could be a game changer if it can run two different apps on both it's screen. I would love to have my browser on one screen while my mail or chat running on the other screen. Or even have the video  playing on top screen while I browse through my albums on the bottom screen.

Possibilities are endless with such a dual screen device. Hope Sony gets the best out of it.
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