Tuesday, August 16

Google does buy Motorola Holdings

So, as expected, Google is buying out Motorola Mobile Holdings (hefty price to pay). That removes almost all doubts  on whether Android will continue to dominate the war front of Mobile device evolution. 

With Patent battles tightening up, it was clear that Google is vulnerable to suits from Apple and Microsoft. But as Software industry giants like Oracle joined the party, Google pretty much had no other option than to buy out the next available option.

After Loosing out on the Nortel patent auction, Google had no much option left other than buy out Motorola Mobile Holdings, which could grant it much respite in the multiple patent infringement cases that Android OS now faces.

I am pretty much excited about this union for the possibilities it offers. Especially with regards to a new class and a new breed of devices that will get hooked up to the cloud all thanks to Android.