Thursday, August 25

Wish he could stay on - like immortal

After leading the Computer and mobile device evolution for over 2 decades giving us a whole lot of fantastic,  surprising and seemingly impossible devices, it is hard to imagine a tech world without Steve.

Apple doomsayers see this as the end of Apple's leadership, maybe even Industry rivals see it that way. However, like all great companies, Apple will continue to outperform in the years to come.

With imagination so wild and pipeline so huge Apple will remain an unstoppable Game-changer!

Tuesday, August 16

Google does buy Motorola Holdings

So, as expected, Google is buying out Motorola Mobile Holdings (hefty price to pay). That removes almost all doubts  on whether Android will continue to dominate the war front of Mobile device evolution. 

With Patent battles tightening up, it was clear that Google is vulnerable to suits from Apple and Microsoft. But as Software industry giants like Oracle joined the party, Google pretty much had no other option than to buy out the next available option.

After Loosing out on the Nortel patent auction, Google had no much option left other than buy out Motorola Mobile Holdings, which could grant it much respite in the multiple patent infringement cases that Android OS now faces.

I am pretty much excited about this union for the possibilities it offers. Especially with regards to a new class and a new breed of devices that will get hooked up to the cloud all thanks to Android. 


Thursday, August 11

Android - A flash back & uncertainties in future

Here is a brilliant post from, a flashback into the evolution of the present day mobile communication devices from the so called smart phones of 2006/07. 

Its a must read to know what market leaders were attempting while Steve Jobs played pied piper to the entire world with his magical iPhone. 

More interesting is the way Google got lucky again with buying Android Inc. right over the same time as Apple iPhone was on the works. But Kudos to Google for bringing in the best of android at a time all every other manufacturer was dying for an alternative to iOS. 

Now as android surpassed market shares across regions over this year, concerns over patent rights have started to show up with multiple patent suits being filed across manufacturers and even old generation software companies have joined the party. 

Estimates now say royalty over IP rights may mean a additional cost of $60 over each android device which essentially means dead end. 

As the Author at says, maybe the best way out for Google is to buy out Motorola's Mobile holdings company.  

I wish Google did gobble SUN too prior to being brought out by Oracle.

Both the posts and links are worth a read!