Friday, June 3

Bad times continue for Sony

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water... Sony Pictures Hacked

Just as PSN was brought back to life, Sony gets yet another blow, rather a deadly hacker punch.

Sony Pictures was targetted and the hacker group claims to have breached its security  and gaining access to user account and other data.

With 75000 user accounts being compromised along with tons of music coupons, Sony is still working on a decent press statement .

The question is

- didn't Sony have a decent security system in place , especially after the PSN breach?

Or is it that

- Sony has a system at par with similar businesses like xboxlive or  itunes and its just bad luck that the hackers chose Sony over others?

While Sony sees a new low, thanks to the hackers, IT Security vendors are certainly going to beat market expectations for q3 q4