Saturday, February 12

Micronokia or Nokiasoft

Be it Micronokia or Nokiasoft, this just announced partnership between Nokia and Microsoft will Rock.

Through this, Nokia has openly admitted that its millions put on symbian , meego and maemo have all gone down the drain.

The change of leadership would hv certainly helped setting aside the ego issues of admitting failure and going for a third party OS .

But this move makes perfect business sense for Nokia and Microsoft.

Nokia desperately wanted an OS while Microsoft wanted a major  manufacturer who would focus only on WinMo7 devices.

An excellent hardware getting a highly polished OS and App ecosystem. A N8 running on Windows phone 7 will be deadly even for iPhone. Wish Nokia does give N8 users some love!

Check the engadget  post below with future Nokia devices that will certainly shake up market.

All the while I have been wondering what went wrong in HP Palm marriage. May be some rejig is needed there too.

Wow , how many heads went rolling thanks to iPhone and Android!

Images source: engadget

Exclusive: Nokia's Windows Phone 7 concept revealed! -- Engadget