Thursday, January 6

The Tablet overload

As CES unfolds, dozens of Android based tablets are being announced by every manufacturer all of which together will add up to around 80 models.

With so many iterations, it becomes a challenge for both the average user and Google & company themselves and opens up a new set of issues.

How are these tablets going to diffenciate among selves? Its certain that manufactures will try to combat this issue with a custom UI layer but that means delayed updates, bugs and bloatware to the consumer.

How can Google and developers keep a check on bugs and code optimization when there are 100  devices each having distinct  hardware combinations and custom UI?

Most important, how will this overload of choices affect the buyer. How will I decide between 50 models within similar pricing and specs? This confusion means my buying decisions will heavily depend on product visibility and brand perception.

Or will I leave the dull grey devices behind and walk into that gorgeous iStore. It wouldn't be taxing for my brain to decide between 3g or wifi. No confusion. Moreover it feels good to be in a Apple store!

80 models of Tablets being launched to take on one iPad in a market that never existed an year back!. Its the biggest award or recognition that Apple has got,  this Salute by an industry that had once written it off.

What more can Apple ask for as a tribute!