Thursday, September 9

Android Apps - Cardio Trainer & Calorific

Android apps have matured over the period of time and CardioTrainer is one such free application that is worth using.

Cardio Trainer

It stands out in the crowded health and fitness app market with an amazingly simple concept and UI.

Based on the principle that weight loss = calorie burnt - calorie intake,  this app  records your workouts and derives the net weight loss by tracking your weight over a period of time.

Cardio Workouts are recorded using GPS while weight training is recorded manually.

The real motivator in this app is the way it plots the total distance you have clocked while using this app over a map similar to a radar range.

What makes it a STAR is its UI. From goal setting to the way it interprets the progress, everything is simple.


Tracking calorie intake is a tedious process even if one doesn't weigh each item and most people quit within days.

Recording in detail without weighing each constituent seperately is worthless. The better approach is to keep a track of approximate intakes.

Calorific applies the same logic and provides a 2 click alternative to track your intake.

Its super simplified UI will ensure that you keep recording tour calorie intake long enough for it to be meaningful. 

Both apps built by WorkSmartLabs are available for free on android Market.


Saturday, September 4

priority inbox comes to gmail atlast

Since 2004, gmail has grown leaps and bounds and have been delivering incredibly user friendly features like a ritual.

with a perfect mobile application, I rarely find the need to log on to gmail from a PC and today, I am pleasantly suprised to get access to their new priority inbox feature.

Its been one feature that any gmail user badly needs especially considering the amount of alert and notification emails we receive each day.

gmail priority inbox looks to be perfectly implemented and seems to be a bit intelligent as it had already marked all my credit card and other financial statement emails as important.

another good move is the grouping of all starred emails together making things way too easy to find those important and pending actions.

Now one can do away with the earlier work around of using labels + multiple inbox to organise the inbox.

There is a new video by gmail team here.

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