Wednesday, June 23

On 2 Froyo FR72

News about an update to Froyo has been floating around for a while. This tiny 1.8mb file named FR72 is meant to improve browser speed, flash performance and free up some memory.

While my nexus one didn't really turn out to become a F16 after this update, it did free up some space.

You can download it here from

To install,

Rename the file as and place it on the SD card root folder.

Power off your N1 and then powerup while holding down the volume down key.

This is get you to a system screen where you should select the recovery option. Use your volume keys to navigate and power button to select.

You will get a black screen with a triangle and a confused Droid. Press and hold power and volume up button simultaneously.

You will now see another screen with small blue font. Choose update from SD card option. Use scroll wheel to navigate and press on it to select.

N1 will now start the update process. Once complete, choose the reboot system option.

Your phone may take a few more seconds than normal to boot this time.Don't worry.

Best part is you can do all this from the phone itself. Apple listening? 

I guess this update will work only on Nexus One that are already running Froyo build FR 50.

Though this build is available on Google servers the android guys maintain that this is not the final release candidate.

Given that we have been waiting for the official Froyo release since a month, what's wrong in trying this. We can always switch to the official release as and when it is pushed to our phones. (Highly unlikely in India)

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