Tuesday, June 8

Iphone 4 : Apple replies in style

APPLE has literally shown the middle finger to Google and rest of the flocks by packing in the much critized shortcomings iphone had along with a bunch of class goodies.

Most features like the multi tasking capabilities, threaded view on email etc. were long expected and not a surprise.

What takes iphone to a whole new level is its enhanced media capabilities. A brilliant screen with IPS and a pixel concentration of 324xinch combined with its superb contrast ratio makes iPhone a stunner.

Viewing content on such a screen will be Nirvana and is way above the screens that its competitors got to offer.

Couple that to the increased memory and 1ghz processor and battery life, developers now have a monster and can lavish on graphic intensive gaming and media applications.

For consumers, they now can happily be with the beautiful and polished iphone user experience while not sacrificing on multitasking and similar shortcomings.

I guess Google and its android team will be better off concentrating on the enterprise market and work its way above winmo and blackberry.

Better still, Google should develop a market around Internet and small business where they already lead thanks to the Google apps services.

With iphone 4, Apple has clearly reaffirmed that it will remain unrivalled when it comes to media and internet centric smart phones.

Sad part is how much ever polished and beautiful it is, its still a walled garden!

Remember the canary in a golden cage?! 

Check this link for more on this awesome device.


 iphone  http://www.pcworld.com/article/198176/apples_new_iphone_4_thinner_significantly_better_battery_life_and_hd_video_capability.html 

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