Monday, May 31

Froyo goodness rocks

Android 2.2 aka Froyo has been in news since April and Google started its rollout last week.

I was lucky enough to get the update on the same day it reached the major tech websites via manual update.

Though it sounds like a minor update, this one is big and I wonder how they managed to pack all of it in 44MB unlike Apple.

Google has made significant changes to the core and this update has supercharged N1.

Froyo lets applications run from SD card and also boosts the available memory to 256mb.

Tethering is brilliantly implemented with just one cluck to turn it into a wifi hotspot. Wish google added this to the power control widget.

Flash has been mixed experience. If not kept off or on demand, the browser slows down trying to load those unwanted flash ads. Otherwise its usable and those 360 degree views on product websites loads perfect.

Froyo adds exchange calendar sync and remote wipe feature in an attempt to appeal Enterprise users.

UI improvements include revised camera UI, collapsing call history, persistant launch keys for call and browser alongside the appdrawer icon, new contextual keys on keyboard and many more.

The market app has been revised to include automatic updates and update all features. But still far behind iphone

To make a serious dent on Apple fortunes, Android must have a better media player that can rival iPod. Maybe Google should get cooliris team to write that too and make picassa a full media suite which can sync n stream content from PC to Cloud to Android. Only that can nail IPhone. 

Overall the update has been brilliant and makes a huge difference in overall user experience. 

Might be its google at works to defend its position against the next wave of Apple onslaught due next month.

What makes me happy is 'if this is 2.2 then what will 3.0 be? 

Location : Jeejabai Bhosle Marg, ACC Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra,

posted via blogaway@@nexusOne

Location : Jeejabai Bhosle Marg, ACC Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra,

posted via blogaway@nexusOne