Thursday, January 21

Nexus One - My switch seems permanent

After a week of using Google's Nexus One, I am not missing my iPhone and looks like my switch to Android is for ever. This didn't happen when I tried the Nokia E series and SE K series phones earlier nor did the previous androids impress me for more than an hour. 

Hits and Misses
Minus the huge list of accessories, apps and the awesome iTunes media management system, Nexus One beats Apple iPhone in every other respect. 

Best of Nexus:
  • Speed almost double of 3GS
  • Screen is Just awesome - brilliant images and video
  • Good Phone: call handling and signal strength (3G networks not used)
  • Excellent handling of notifications (calls, sms, email, gmail, FB, you name it)
  • Seamless integration to Google service (gmail, talk, picasa, calendar,etc)
  • Customization options
  • GPS and navigation app is far superior
  • Browser is faster and better in most cases, though grossly missing in multitouch
  • Camera better than iPhone in most lighting situations including video

Sour part
  • No multi touch
  • Poor media handling - No itunes like service
  • Poor third party app support - even FB app doesnt do much ( it took 2 yrs for FB to come up to mark in iPhone too)
  • Accessories and addons - Nil (poor adoption by third party accessories developers) 


Nexus One looks more like a benchmarking effort by Google to drive its partners to developing even better devices to strengthen Android platform. A showcase device which can attract developers as well as catch the attention of mainstream media and content delivery companies which are looking at Mobile as a new viable content delivery model. 

Nexus One may be Google's "testing the waters" edition but it indeed is a step in the right direction. To a future of better and much more versatile Android based phones, from Google or its Partners, Apple does have a tough time ahead. 

Apple tablet - itab/islate/whatever

Meanwhile, all eyes are now trained to Jan 27 Steve Job's event, when Apple showcases its new tablet baby. Will it change the world like iPhone? 99.9% sure, unless Mr. Job's screws it up big time. Afterall, we expect him to give us something to replace our Notebook, Net book, Smart phone, PMP, Kindle, PSP, Garmin and many more....