Saturday, January 9

A Google nexus?

The Nexus One is here and thousands including me have ordered the new toy from Google without any hesitation. After all what to doubt when it's Google.

But as I wait for delivery, I am having afterthoughts that Google has evil intentions and Nexus One indeed is a Nexus. Havnt they betrayed Motorola and others who spend millions promoting Android for Google. Motorola must be bitter with Nexus One being launched within 2 months of Droid campaign which made Android a familiar name among the masses.

Havnt Google betrayed it's partners by going back on their intial statement that they will work on the OS only.

Google does have a perfect justification that Android needs a bigger push and the outcome would be beneficial to all partnering in the Android platform. Good thing is that Nexus One is not locked to any particular network.

As gadget lovers and consumer, what can be better than Google themselves taking up the challenge to beat Apple iPhone.

I still have wait till thursday for my Nexus One to reach Mumbai.


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