Thursday, September 9

Android Apps - Cardio Trainer & Calorific

Android apps have matured over the period of time and CardioTrainer is one such free application that is worth using.

Cardio Trainer

It stands out in the crowded health and fitness app market with an amazingly simple concept and UI.

Based on the principle that weight loss = calorie burnt - calorie intake,  this app  records your workouts and derives the net weight loss by tracking your weight over a period of time.

Cardio Workouts are recorded using GPS while weight training is recorded manually.

The real motivator in this app is the way it plots the total distance you have clocked while using this app over a map similar to a radar range.

What makes it a STAR is its UI. From goal setting to the way it interprets the progress, everything is simple.


Tracking calorie intake is a tedious process even if one doesn't weigh each item and most people quit within days.

Recording in detail without weighing each constituent seperately is worthless. The better approach is to keep a track of approximate intakes.

Calorific applies the same logic and provides a 2 click alternative to track your intake.

Its super simplified UI will ensure that you keep recording tour calorie intake long enough for it to be meaningful. 

Both apps built by WorkSmartLabs are available for free on android Market.


Saturday, September 4

priority inbox comes to gmail atlast

Since 2004, gmail has grown leaps and bounds and have been delivering incredibly user friendly features like a ritual.

with a perfect mobile application, I rarely find the need to log on to gmail from a PC and today, I am pleasantly suprised to get access to their new priority inbox feature.

Its been one feature that any gmail user badly needs especially considering the amount of alert and notification emails we receive each day.

gmail priority inbox looks to be perfectly implemented and seems to be a bit intelligent as it had already marked all my credit card and other financial statement emails as important.

another good move is the grouping of all starred emails together making things way too easy to find those important and pending actions.

Now one can do away with the earlier work around of using labels + multiple inbox to organise the inbox.

There is a new video by gmail team here.

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Wednesday, June 23

On 2 Froyo FR72

News about an update to Froyo has been floating around for a while. This tiny 1.8mb file named FR72 is meant to improve browser speed, flash performance and free up some memory.

While my nexus one didn't really turn out to become a F16 after this update, it did free up some space.

You can download it here from

To install,

Rename the file as and place it on the SD card root folder.

Power off your N1 and then powerup while holding down the volume down key.

This is get you to a system screen where you should select the recovery option. Use your volume keys to navigate and power button to select.

You will get a black screen with a triangle and a confused Droid. Press and hold power and volume up button simultaneously.

You will now see another screen with small blue font. Choose update from SD card option. Use scroll wheel to navigate and press on it to select.

N1 will now start the update process. Once complete, choose the reboot system option.

Your phone may take a few more seconds than normal to boot this time.Don't worry.

Best part is you can do all this from the phone itself. Apple listening? 

I guess this update will work only on Nexus One that are already running Froyo build FR 50.

Though this build is available on Google servers the android guys maintain that this is not the final release candidate.

Given that we have been waiting for the official Froyo release since a month, what's wrong in trying this. We can always switch to the official release as and when it is pushed to our phones. (Highly unlikely in India)

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Sunday, June 13

World cup 2010

 10 Best World Cup Goals on YouTube 

Mashable has posted a video list of the best goals ever scored in FIFA World Cup.

A must watch for all,  not just d hardcore followers.

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Friday, June 11

Monsoon hits Mumbai : first shots

The typical Mumbai monsoon arrived in grandstyle with 100% cloud cover and the persistent drizzle that slowly soaks Mumbai.

Wow its good to see it back in action especially when you wake up to a cool morning after a really hot evening!


on a Google nexus one

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Tuesday, June 8

Iphone 4 : Apple replies in style

APPLE has literally shown the middle finger to Google and rest of the flocks by packing in the much critized shortcomings iphone had along with a bunch of class goodies.

Most features like the multi tasking capabilities, threaded view on email etc. were long expected and not a surprise.

What takes iphone to a whole new level is its enhanced media capabilities. A brilliant screen with IPS and a pixel concentration of 324xinch combined with its superb contrast ratio makes iPhone a stunner.

Viewing content on such a screen will be Nirvana and is way above the screens that its competitors got to offer.

Couple that to the increased memory and 1ghz processor and battery life, developers now have a monster and can lavish on graphic intensive gaming and media applications.

For consumers, they now can happily be with the beautiful and polished iphone user experience while not sacrificing on multitasking and similar shortcomings.

I guess Google and its android team will be better off concentrating on the enterprise market and work its way above winmo and blackberry.

Better still, Google should develop a market around Internet and small business where they already lead thanks to the Google apps services.

With iphone 4, Apple has clearly reaffirmed that it will remain unrivalled when it comes to media and internet centric smart phones.

Sad part is how much ever polished and beautiful it is, its still a walled garden!

Remember the canary in a golden cage?! 

Check this link for more on this awesome device.


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Iphone 4.0 hands on

 Photo Gallery: Hands-On With the iPhone 4 | Gadget Lab | 

Check the Wired post with some awesome pics

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Monday, May 31

Froyo goodness rocks

Android 2.2 aka Froyo has been in news since April and Google started its rollout last week.

I was lucky enough to get the update on the same day it reached the major tech websites via manual update.

Though it sounds like a minor update, this one is big and I wonder how they managed to pack all of it in 44MB unlike Apple.

Google has made significant changes to the core and this update has supercharged N1.

Froyo lets applications run from SD card and also boosts the available memory to 256mb.

Tethering is brilliantly implemented with just one cluck to turn it into a wifi hotspot. Wish google added this to the power control widget.

Flash has been mixed experience. If not kept off or on demand, the browser slows down trying to load those unwanted flash ads. Otherwise its usable and those 360 degree views on product websites loads perfect.

Froyo adds exchange calendar sync and remote wipe feature in an attempt to appeal Enterprise users.

UI improvements include revised camera UI, collapsing call history, persistant launch keys for call and browser alongside the appdrawer icon, new contextual keys on keyboard and many more.

The market app has been revised to include automatic updates and update all features. But still far behind iphone

To make a serious dent on Apple fortunes, Android must have a better media player that can rival iPod. Maybe Google should get cooliris team to write that too and make picassa a full media suite which can sync n stream content from PC to Cloud to Android. Only that can nail IPhone. 

Overall the update has been brilliant and makes a huge difference in overall user experience. 

Might be its google at works to defend its position against the next wave of Apple onslaught due next month.

What makes me happy is 'if this is 2.2 then what will 3.0 be? 

Location : Jeejabai Bhosle Marg, ACC Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra,

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Location : Jeejabai Bhosle Marg, ACC Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra,

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Friday, February 5

Nexus One with multitouch rocks

Google announced an over the air update for Nexus One which will enable multitouch in few of it's builtin apps including browser and maps. The maps app now shows favorities and maps added by the user through PC. Google has also added a patch to rectify the 3G reception issues faced by many users.

The OTA update is being pushed to Nexus One users by Google servers and is expected to cover all users over a week time. Guys at Android communities already figured out how to manually update the phone instead of waiting for Google's push notification.

The procedure is pretty simple.

Download the update file from google server (check below link for details) and rename as

Copy it to the root folder of the SD card

Shutdown the phone and restart while pressing down the trackball

Select bootloader from the list displayed

Select from SD card option.

This will take you to a screen with a triangle and android
Press down the power button and then the volume key without leaving the power button

Leave your phone to complete the update which may take time
Don't do anything even if you feel that your phone is stuck with an android out of box screen. It will restart after a few minutes.

Once complete check the multitouch on your browser. If it's not working try to soft reset the phone a few times.(I didn't face that problem)

I managed to get the update done without the need for a PC. Just install astro from android market. Download the update, rename and move the file to SD card root folder using Astro!

Check this link for full instructions and download link.

Multitouch has been one big missing factor in Nexus One, especially for people who switched in from iPhone.

If Google develops picasa in line with iTunes to easily manage nexus one media, that will seal the deal. Atleast till the next iPhone comes

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Thursday, January 21

Nexus One - My switch seems permanent

After a week of using Google's Nexus One, I am not missing my iPhone and looks like my switch to Android is for ever. This didn't happen when I tried the Nokia E series and SE K series phones earlier nor did the previous androids impress me for more than an hour. 

Hits and Misses
Minus the huge list of accessories, apps and the awesome iTunes media management system, Nexus One beats Apple iPhone in every other respect. 

Best of Nexus:
  • Speed almost double of 3GS
  • Screen is Just awesome - brilliant images and video
  • Good Phone: call handling and signal strength (3G networks not used)
  • Excellent handling of notifications (calls, sms, email, gmail, FB, you name it)
  • Seamless integration to Google service (gmail, talk, picasa, calendar,etc)
  • Customization options
  • GPS and navigation app is far superior
  • Browser is faster and better in most cases, though grossly missing in multitouch
  • Camera better than iPhone in most lighting situations including video

Sour part
  • No multi touch
  • Poor media handling - No itunes like service
  • Poor third party app support - even FB app doesnt do much ( it took 2 yrs for FB to come up to mark in iPhone too)
  • Accessories and addons - Nil (poor adoption by third party accessories developers) 


Nexus One looks more like a benchmarking effort by Google to drive its partners to developing even better devices to strengthen Android platform. A showcase device which can attract developers as well as catch the attention of mainstream media and content delivery companies which are looking at Mobile as a new viable content delivery model. 

Nexus One may be Google's "testing the waters" edition but it indeed is a step in the right direction. To a future of better and much more versatile Android based phones, from Google or its Partners, Apple does have a tough time ahead. 

Apple tablet - itab/islate/whatever

Meanwhile, all eyes are now trained to Jan 27 Steve Job's event, when Apple showcases its new tablet baby. Will it change the world like iPhone? 99.9% sure, unless Mr. Job's screws it up big time. Afterall, we expect him to give us something to replace our Notebook, Net book, Smart phone, PMP, Kindle, PSP, Garmin and many more.... 


Saturday, January 9

Nexus One vs Competition

Here is a nice comparision chart listing the "Super phones" - Apple iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, Motorola Droid and the Google Nexus One.

Palm pre didn't excite me while Iphone 3GS remained elusive for Indian customers with Apple shying away from launching it in India and Grey market rates for unlocked 3GS remains prohibitively expensive. Motorola Droid was awesome but sadly it won't work on GSM and is locked to Verizon.

Then came the Nexus One, right price, great hardware, works on any GSM network and bundled with Apps from Google. It's worth a buy at around Rs 25000.

Check the below chart via Mashable

Nexus One - the next iPhone?

Without much thought, I have ordered mine through my Collegue and Good Friend Venky in US, who has been more than willing to order and ship my N1 to Mumbai, the very same way I got my iPhone around 2.5yrs back.

Venky as turned Santa for me yet again and wants to see whether the gorgeous NexusOne can create a rift in my love for my gen1 iPhone which is still going strong.

Nexus One

Google says,
"Manufactured by HTC, the Nexus One features dynamic noise suppression from Audience, Inc., a large 3.7" OLED display for deep contrast and brilliant colors and a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ chipset for blazing speeds. Running on Android 2.1, the newest version of Eclair, the software includes innovations like a voice-enabled keyboard so you can speak into any text field, fun Live Wallpapers, a 3D photo gallery for richer media experiences and lots more. Of course, it also comes with a host of popular Google applications, including Gmail, Google Voice and Google Maps Navigation."

Bye bye Apple, atleast for the time being. But I love you guys for changing the way mobile phones are used, for keeping firmware compatible with earlier models and keeping things simple and elegant.


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A Google nexus?

The Nexus One is here and thousands including me have ordered the new toy from Google without any hesitation. After all what to doubt when it's Google.

But as I wait for delivery, I am having afterthoughts that Google has evil intentions and Nexus One indeed is a Nexus. Havnt they betrayed Motorola and others who spend millions promoting Android for Google. Motorola must be bitter with Nexus One being launched within 2 months of Droid campaign which made Android a familiar name among the masses.

Havnt Google betrayed it's partners by going back on their intial statement that they will work on the OS only.

Google does have a perfect justification that Android needs a bigger push and the outcome would be beneficial to all partnering in the Android platform. Good thing is that Nexus One is not locked to any particular network.

As gadget lovers and consumer, what can be better than Google themselves taking up the challenge to beat Apple iPhone.

I still have wait till thursday for my Nexus One to reach Mumbai.


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