Wednesday, December 2

Satio pullback - SE in trouble

The bad spell for Sony Ericsson doesn't seem to end with Carphone and other major retailers stopping sales of SE Satio due to software issues.

Satio's little brother Aino too have been reported to be not so touch friendly and frequently freezing screens.

These issues seems to be beyond the typical launch bugs associated with SE devices which SE users are used to.

Once a leader in highend cellphones market, this pullback is a major setback for SE as it continues to struggle in regaining it's lost place.

It's apparent that poor Software is responsible for all recent failures for SE. All brilliant designs, useful innovations and good hardware but poor software spoiling all the goodness.

Wonder why SE still going for Symbain and WinMo when Android is available. SE should realise that they are weak at software, so embrace Android and let thirdparty developers do the coding while you guys concentrate on Design and hardware where none beats SE.

Gone are the days when software glitches weren't deal breakers.

As a former SE fanboy and still a fan of SE design, I and many like me are waiting....

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