Sunday, December 13

Now Google phone gets a name too

Wow, the news is Google phone being named NEXUS ONE!. Something which I think is verymuch unlike Google. Moreover Nexus sounds like some kind of conspiracy and Google won't risk that name for it's flagship device.

The device is said to be running on HTC HD 2 hardware with an UI designed entirely by Google team.

Even an artist impression has surfaced with a HTC HD 2 sporting a white homescreen with icons and a start menu on top aka windows with the icon being that of chrome.

I don't think there is any truth in this news .

- This device isn't in line with the ones distributed to googlers for testing and why would Google risk running Chrome OS when Android has matured as a platform and can support any functionality that Google wants to incorporate onto their flagship device?

- Chrome OS will feature in a google sponsored device soon but it's highly unlikely to be a phone. It would be more of a netbook or tablet to take on Kindle and it's peers.

Google is more likely to introduce a device which wont set standards on high end hardware but would be a exceptional performer when it comes to software and Internet in particular. Verymuch like the way Apple introduced iPhone which continues to lead the market even though it scores poorly in spec sheets.

It is going to be a design centered on the goal to deliver Google services to it's users in a pathbreaking way.

While Nexus One seems to be wishfull thinking, one can be sure that a Google phone would soon be announced.

Competition is good!

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