Saturday, December 26

Apple iTab iSlate whatever

Happy holidays season has been buzzing with Apple news, especially about the rumored iPhone big brother!

From rumors to Reality, the Apple tablet does seem to be hitting production sometime soon. Major tech websites are betting on Jan 2010 for an official announcement.

Expected to come with a 7inch multitouch screen and all type of chips squeezed in, it's most likely to be called iSlate. Macrumors, engadget n mashable covering this story making it more credible.

Given that Droid and Nexus One makes iPhone look ancient, Apple might be compelled to announce a screen upgrade as a stopgap till July 2010.

An iPhone upgrade is most likely given that Apple have asked its app developer friends to scale up the resolution which certainly means a screen upgrade is coming.

Its unlikely that the Tablet will be running iPhone apps. A Tablet is sure to have it's own UI optimized for landscape mode.

A cooler iPhone or a 7" iSlate / iTab / Apple Unicorn, Apple is going to set the pace for year 2010.