Sunday, December 13

Almost ' Google phone '

Update :-

The news is that Google phone is being named as NEXUS ONE and will be built by HTC.

The name is somewhat spooky and I don't think Google will choose such a name

Twitter has been buzzing with reports of a HTC made device being distributed by Google to all it's employees.

The device is said to be running Android 2.1 on a snapdragon powered CPU with a gorgeous OLED display and a iphonish formfactor and the microphone placed behind the device supposedly to reduce ambient noise.

Google confirmed that its a part of an imobile labs initiative to test the latest in android on an advanced piece of hardware. It didn't confirm whether this device is a prototype of 'Google phone'.

Google seems to be much more involved in the development of this device unlike the previous Android phones.

Google using only 1 model to do testing under their mobile labs programme means that they are not testing something that will run on all android phones. It's Apparent that a Google device is coming.

Couple this development with the below

- There has been growing distance between Apple and Google over apps for iPhone. Be it the google nav, Google voice and Picasa or PIM, it's clear that Google wants it's way.

- Android has been a slow beginner with hardware partners still trying to play catch up with iPhone. Google certainly would want a better show and will have to step in and take up the challenge.

We can conclude with all certainity that a Google branded 'Google phone' is imminent.

P.S: I m freezing my plans to get the Motorola Droid.

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