Sunday, November 22

Gmail web app for iPhone gets a minor update

Google has given a small facelift for it's gmail and gcal web apps for iPhone which may go unnoticed by many

It is more of a cosmetic job with a new better looking color combination and seems to have slightly bigger nav icons. Most noticable aspect is the absence of that navyblue bar with app title and links which was prominent in the previous version.

I loved the new blue gradient which makes those toolbars and drop downs look softer n richer.

The calendar app too has got a subtle facelift with the new color combo which makes those nav buttons more visible.

I didn't find any noticable performance improvement but the new look does improve the UI feedback.

Other google apps still looks the same. Picasa webalbums desperately needs an update. It looks dated, especially after using Flickr which was recently updated.

Guys@Google please give us the option to save pictures on iPhone from picasa webalbums. We do need that even though we have broadband n netbooks.

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