Thursday, November 12

Droid puts up a real challenge?

 Motorola Driod debuted over the week end  clocking a neat 100, 000+ in sales. Motorola's decision to stick to Android for their re-entry into smartphone space seems to have worked well. 

The Droid running Android 2 on verizon network was much anticipated ever since it was announced and was touted to put up the first serious challenge to Apple iPhone's dominance. 

Going by the initial sales figures, the Motorola Verizon combine seems to have hit the bullseye. Its got a much better opening than Palm Pre and Nokia N97 but iPhone figures still tower over them all. 

Source: Appleblog

The most impressive set of data came in from Getclicky, web analytics firm which publishes daily market share of web traffic orginating from mobile devices. Droid has already made its presence felt with capturing 1.5% (30% of the market share held by Andriod platform) on the very first days of its launch.

Web browser
Marketshare (US)
Web browser
Marketshare (non-US)
iPhone   53.83% 64.95%
Android   6.81% 3.41%
Droid   1.59% 0.00%
Everything else   39.36% 31.64%
 Source: Getclicky

With very favorable reviews and much appreciated verizon network, the Droid is poised to make an impact on the Smartphone market which has been long dominated by Apple iPhone ever since its launch in 2007. While Droid may fall short of  dominating iPhone, its more likely to eat into WinMobile and Symbian market share as Droid becomes a viable atlernative to iPhone while remaining in Verizon network. 

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