Saturday, November 28

26/11 Lest we forget, but did we learn

An year went by, Media played it's role responsibly an kept the fire alive, Lest we forget.

We lit candles, held prayers and donated blood.

But did we as a nation learned anything from this tragic event.

That 10 men is enough to take a city by it's nerve. Wonder what would have happened if there were 100 men! Maybe they could declare Colaba as a part of Pakistan for a few days.

More than declaring compensation to those uniformed men who lost their life due to poor governance, what have we done?

As a friend of mine Said " the compensation announcements n visits to their homes by our politicians were more of a PR stunt than real compassion. We lose men almost every other day, real men who sacrificed their family life to protect our borders 24/7 or fighting Naxalites and ULFA. What do they get other than a national flag and some pittance called pension.?"

While the bravest of our men fell to bullets in Mumbai and our borders, why do we let the politicians escape with just compensation & road naming gimmicks ?

Why do we keep quiet as Bullet proof jackets and associated files went missing. Why is it that we keep quiet seeing all the new armoury that police got when it's clear that survelliance, communication and coordinated response were the weakness that needed correction.

What's the point in having MP5s, armoured jeeps and amphibious UVs when we don't have the right tools for proper command and control? What's the point in having all these when our command center still don't have the ability to accurately track the location of it's men. Even after an year, our police doesn't have GPS based tracking nor do they have proper surveillance equipments to remotely monitor a situation.

What we need is good war room which can efficiently mobilize our exsisting resources.

As an article pointed out, what use is an AK 47 when our men hvnt got even one refresher training in using fire arms ever since they passed out of the police academy.

The only thing that we have are a few brave men who willingly confronted terror with ancient guns that never fired and jackets that never stopped bullets.

Our policemen held fort till NSG came without proper leadership, equipment and information. Our firemen risked life to douse fire and save civilians in the midst of this gun battle.

Our police force has learned a lesson the hardway. How the corruption within itself lead to the lose of it's own men.

my only prayer is, atleast now you guys resist political pressure in procuring substandard and useless equipment. Tell them to quote double the rate and make money but atleast buy something that really works and is usefull

Lest those brave men died in vain

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