Monday, November 30

God of War Collection -India

Just incase you are still hunting for God of War Collection which is yet to be officiaaly released in India, then reach me on Twitter @rawkeron or post a comment below

Best rates guarenteed and shipping available pan India

Let me reassure you that God of War Collection on PS3 is thrice as good as the orginal titles on PS2. pure awesomeness.

All latest releases and exotic ones on PS3 and XBox360 platforms are available, just incase you are hunting for Assasins Creed or Liberty city.

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Saturday, November 28

26/11 Lest we forget, but did we learn

An year went by, Media played it's role responsibly an kept the fire alive, Lest we forget.

We lit candles, held prayers and donated blood.

But did we as a nation learned anything from this tragic event.

That 10 men is enough to take a city by it's nerve. Wonder what would have happened if there were 100 men! Maybe they could declare Colaba as a part of Pakistan for a few days.

More than declaring compensation to those uniformed men who lost their life due to poor governance, what have we done?

As a friend of mine Said " the compensation announcements n visits to their homes by our politicians were more of a PR stunt than real compassion. We lose men almost every other day, real men who sacrificed their family life to protect our borders 24/7 or fighting Naxalites and ULFA. What do they get other than a national flag and some pittance called pension.?"

While the bravest of our men fell to bullets in Mumbai and our borders, why do we let the politicians escape with just compensation & road naming gimmicks ?

Why do we keep quiet as Bullet proof jackets and associated files went missing. Why is it that we keep quiet seeing all the new armoury that police got when it's clear that survelliance, communication and coordinated response were the weakness that needed correction.

What's the point in having MP5s, armoured jeeps and amphibious UVs when we don't have the right tools for proper command and control? What's the point in having all these when our command center still don't have the ability to accurately track the location of it's men. Even after an year, our police doesn't have GPS based tracking nor do they have proper surveillance equipments to remotely monitor a situation.

What we need is good war room which can efficiently mobilize our exsisting resources.

As an article pointed out, what use is an AK 47 when our men hvnt got even one refresher training in using fire arms ever since they passed out of the police academy.

The only thing that we have are a few brave men who willingly confronted terror with ancient guns that never fired and jackets that never stopped bullets.

Our policemen held fort till NSG came without proper leadership, equipment and information. Our firemen risked life to douse fire and save civilians in the midst of this gun battle.

Our police force has learned a lesson the hardway. How the corruption within itself lead to the lose of it's own men.

my only prayer is, atleast now you guys resist political pressure in procuring substandard and useless equipment. Tell them to quote double the rate and make money but atleast buy something that really works and is usefull

Lest those brave men died in vain

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Wednesday, November 25

HTC HD 2: HTC inching closer to iPhone supremacy

HTC 's recently announced sequel to it's much appreciated HD is brilliant by spec sheets and is certain to give iPhone 3GS a formidable challenge.

1ghz processor
Display size and resolution
Formfactor and built quality
Multimedia playback and camera
No carrier restriction
Easy sync with WinOS n Office
Browser gives desktop like experience

Poor inbuilt memory (memory card reading is always slower)
The hidden and ugly WinMo UI shows up at times
Media load times doesn't do justice to the screen
AppStore / Marketplace almost non exsistent
3rd party apps doesn't blend with SenseMe UI and not touch friendly

Choosing WinMO seems to be a deliberate choice by HTC keeping in mind the fact that many major businesses still stick to WinMO and Blackberry as far as Mobile OS is concerned, thanks to many ancient IT Security codes. After all who wants to have an NC during the many Audits that businesses need to undergo each year.

HTC while sticking to WinMO has taken it's touchflo interface one step ahead with it's new SENSEME UI. This time HTC have re skinned almost all the screens that an average user will encounter. A neatly done UI hiding away the ugly WinMo screens while making it much more touch friendly.

SENSE ME is near perfect in what it intends to do thus allowing HTC to ditch the resistive screen and go for touch friendly capacitive screen as seen in iPhone.

Since 2007, iPhone has been the benchmark for smartphones and it's quite natural that HTC HD 2 is being compared against 3GS. HTC does beat 3GS with an awesome huge display, near double processing speed and a much better camera and a host of other hardware features.

The advantages however ends there. When it comes to UI, HD 2 has a lot more catching up to do. While one has to wait for thumbnails to load on HD2, iPhone has it ready with no delay. Same is the case with songs and movies. The good part is HTC HD 2 leaves iPhone far behind once the image / video is loaded thanks to it's sexy display.

The other make or break factor is availibility of 3rd party apps. While apps were available since the time WinMo started, Apple redefined the experience through it's in device AppStore. It made 3rd party apps accessable negating the need to google around for that free app which converts currency. Something no other company thought of.

AppStore is an important aspect, sucess of iPhone itself proves that. WinMo market falls flat on it's nose. HTC, if they wish to continue with more WinMo devices should seriously think of a dedicated app service built right into it's SenseMe UI. currently 3rd party apps on WinMo is a stark contrast to the look and feel of SenseMe and many of them not optimised for touch based input.

Considering all the above, HTC HD 2 would have rocked the iPhone supremacy had it been running on Android. Well maybe corporates won't chose it.

For people who are comfortable with a bit of complex UI and finding work arounds, this device can do far more than what iPhone does. But you will miss those custom applications from fedex tracker to flight stats. But the browser + screen compensates much of that shortcomings

Most manufatures have cracked the logic behind iPhone's sucess and are slowly adopting Apple's product+service model. A long list of models with impressive hardware are scheduled for launch in the coming months. Couple that to the recently launched nokia N900, SE satio, Samsung Omnia HD, Motorola Droid and many more, Apple iPhone has a tough year ahead.

Steve Job's boys will have to come up something really incredible next July to continue dominating the smart phone market.

Competition is good.

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Monday, November 23

God of War collection

Got hold of God of War collection. Among the very first copies to reach Indian shores

But a bit dissappointed not to find a demo download voucher for God of War III within this pack.

Why Sony why?

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Kratos : The ultimate God of War

A selection of great Kratos clay model images and screenshots and from the upcoming God of War 3 (GOW III)

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Sunday, November 22

Gmail web app for iPhone gets a minor update

Google has given a small facelift for it's gmail and gcal web apps for iPhone which may go unnoticed by many

It is more of a cosmetic job with a new better looking color combination and seems to have slightly bigger nav icons. Most noticable aspect is the absence of that navyblue bar with app title and links which was prominent in the previous version.

I loved the new blue gradient which makes those toolbars and drop downs look softer n richer.

The calendar app too has got a subtle facelift with the new color combo which makes those nav buttons more visible.

I didn't find any noticable performance improvement but the new look does improve the UI feedback.

Other google apps still looks the same. Picasa webalbums desperately needs an update. It looks dated, especially after using Flickr which was recently updated.

Guys@Google please give us the option to save pictures on iPhone from picasa webalbums. We do need that even though we have broadband n netbooks.

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Thursday, November 12

Droid puts up a real challenge?

 Motorola Driod debuted over the week end  clocking a neat 100, 000+ in sales. Motorola's decision to stick to Android for their re-entry into smartphone space seems to have worked well. 

The Droid running Android 2 on verizon network was much anticipated ever since it was announced and was touted to put up the first serious challenge to Apple iPhone's dominance. 

Going by the initial sales figures, the Motorola Verizon combine seems to have hit the bullseye. Its got a much better opening than Palm Pre and Nokia N97 but iPhone figures still tower over them all. 

Source: Appleblog

The most impressive set of data came in from Getclicky, web analytics firm which publishes daily market share of web traffic orginating from mobile devices. Droid has already made its presence felt with capturing 1.5% (30% of the market share held by Andriod platform) on the very first days of its launch.

Web browser
Marketshare (US)
Web browser
Marketshare (non-US)
iPhone   53.83% 64.95%
Android   6.81% 3.41%
Droid   1.59% 0.00%
Everything else   39.36% 31.64%
 Source: Getclicky

With very favorable reviews and much appreciated verizon network, the Droid is poised to make an impact on the Smartphone market which has been long dominated by Apple iPhone ever since its launch in 2007. While Droid may fall short of  dominating iPhone, its more likely to eat into WinMobile and Symbian market share as Droid becomes a viable atlernative to iPhone while remaining in Verizon network. 

Reviews worth a look