Monday, October 12

SE Satio & Anio : brilliant looks n feature set

Two super good looking devices from Sony Erricsson . Good Job SE!. I am tempted to catch hold of  Anio and  Satio (sounds like twin bros) after being with Apple iPhone  for a long time. 

With it's 12 mp camera and awesome spec this one from Sony Erricsson should rock. Symbian 5.0 and a resistive touch screen are slightly disappointing though but the excellent display and impressive set of accessories like the tripod should make up for the lag in response. 

Anio looks too good. An excellent design which comes with an 8.1 mp cam and PS3 remote play. That might interest all the PS3 users. Best part I like about Anio is that it comes with capacitative screen like iPhone so it will be much more finger friendly.

While Satio is full touch only, Anio's touch functions are activated only while in Multimedia functions. Thats interesting mix of regular dial pad and touch. As a feature phone, it doesn't come with Querty keyboards

Hope these 2 models put back SE on track and gain back the leadership in feature phones market which it lost to competition in the recent years.