Friday, October 9

Apple says: no Unlocked iPhone for India

A few months back there were speculations on whether Airtel has been authorised by Apple to officially unlock iPhones sold on it's network. It was based on a apple support page which indicated that this feature is available in Airtel network.

However, Apple now has modified the page and now it says unlock feature not available in Airtel network. That is sad news for people who wanted to break free of Airtel. Though the actual reason for backtracking on this feature is unknown, it's sure that Airtel would want that feature active. Why would Airtel create a chance for losing high value iPhone users to competition. This change of plan at this time may also be a part of the negotiations over 3GS launch in India.

I still believe there must be a surprise lurking behind the delay in 3GS launch. With the dismal performance of IPhone 3G on Airtel n Vodafone networks there is a high probability that the new entrants into GSM space like DOCOMO may steal the deal from Airtel n Vodafone.

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