Saturday, October 31

God of War III ultimate n demo

Sony announced the collector's edition of the most awaited game for 2010 which will debut along with regular release on march 31, 2009. 

While the regular is available for pre order at $59, the Ultimate edition is priced at $99. 

Better news is, those who pre order Ultimate edition from select retailers like amazon gets exclusive access to GOW III demo on PSN. 

This season is going to rock with Kratos all over with SCEA releasing the classic God of War and its sequel God of War II in blue ray, remastered for PS3 titled God of War Collection later this November

The Ultimate Edition will feature the following:
Exclusive Collectibles
• High-End Sculpted Replica of Pandora's Box
• Limited-Edition God of War Art Book featuring exclusive art, content and interviews

Exclusive Digital Content (Available via PlayStation Network voucher codes on day of launch)
• God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges
• Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus
• God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise

• God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (mp3 digital download).
• God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (mp3 digital download).

But it keeps getting better for the fans. Those that pre-order God of War III at select retailers will receive a voucher code for first access to download the God of War III E3 2009 Demo starting today, plus you will receive an exclusive downloadable skin from the following retailers: Amazon, GameCrazy and GameStop.

Monday, October 12

SE Satio & Anio : brilliant looks n feature set

Two super good looking devices from Sony Erricsson . Good Job SE!. I am tempted to catch hold of  Anio and  Satio (sounds like twin bros) after being with Apple iPhone  for a long time. 

With it's 12 mp camera and awesome spec this one from Sony Erricsson should rock. Symbian 5.0 and a resistive touch screen are slightly disappointing though but the excellent display and impressive set of accessories like the tripod should make up for the lag in response. 

Anio looks too good. An excellent design which comes with an 8.1 mp cam and PS3 remote play. That might interest all the PS3 users. Best part I like about Anio is that it comes with capacitative screen like iPhone so it will be much more finger friendly.

While Satio is full touch only, Anio's touch functions are activated only while in Multimedia functions. Thats interesting mix of regular dial pad and touch. As a feature phone, it doesn't come with Querty keyboards

Hope these 2 models put back SE on track and gain back the leadership in feature phones market which it lost to competition in the recent years.

Friday, October 9

Apple says: no Unlocked iPhone for India

A few months back there were speculations on whether Airtel has been authorised by Apple to officially unlock iPhones sold on it's network. It was based on a apple support page which indicated that this feature is available in Airtel network.

However, Apple now has modified the page and now it says unlock feature not available in Airtel network. That is sad news for people who wanted to break free of Airtel. Though the actual reason for backtracking on this feature is unknown, it's sure that Airtel would want that feature active. Why would Airtel create a chance for losing high value iPhone users to competition. This change of plan at this time may also be a part of the negotiations over 3GS launch in India.

I still believe there must be a surprise lurking behind the delay in 3GS launch. With the dismal performance of IPhone 3G on Airtel n Vodafone networks there is a high probability that the new entrants into GSM space like DOCOMO may steal the deal from Airtel n Vodafone.

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Thursday, October 8

iPhone 3GS debut in India : it's an endless wait

Blackberry Bold, iPhone 3g y HTC G1Image by janale1 via Flickr
Its been a long wait for 3GS in India.I have been following a post on about iPhone 3GS launch date in India. 500+ comments turned it out into a mini forum. I too voiced my share of disappointment over the delay.

@varun - author of the post:
good to see that your website is optimized for mobile. But right now on my iPhone the share links are jumbled up. Would be great if you do customize for iPhone like gamespot as there would be many like me reading the comments of this post.

For me, my iPhone 2g have kept me busy for the last 2yrs , hence I didn't jump for a Grey market 3gS. AppStore n cydia just makes my phone feel new every day. Add the numerous cracked apps available I don't find a compelling reason to buy 3gS on the grey at 40k. I hope many viewers out here share the same opinion.

My bit to the speculation on launch date, it would come only after 3g services are full swing n after Apple vs Vodafone vs Airtel bargaining is over.

Apple knows that it has a very small niche market in India which won't go anywhere else. So this time they may even go carrier free and pitch it as a premium lifestyle product along with iPod and macs via Croma n Apple stores.

I must say,

especially to people focusing on negatives of iPhone that I brought this in aug 07 n till date I m happy. I use it so much that I end up with bills for above 600mb edge usage per month. Add that to the amount of games n videos I play, you can assess my usage. Barring a few dents (due to falls from table level heights) and scratches on behind everything looks n feels new. The screen is still scratch free, body still shining n battery still giving me the same hrs I used to get in 07. My experiences with SE n Nokia hvnt been the same. Well the handsfree wore of in 9 months though.

it seems to be a perfect design to use and to build. No wonder apple stuck to the same design even after the design being around for 2yrs.

New users valuing money should first try a 2g or 3g from the used market before going for 3gs. It might take some time for new guys to get used to iTunes syncing n read only folder structure. Guys who hate iPhone, well grapes are sour. I would suggest you spend some time with ur friends iPhone to get a fresh perspective. Guys who owned n iPhone but hates it, I wonder how that's possible. Only reason I find is lack of awareness n using technology ( local cell shop said most iPhones that come up for sale n exchange are by people who hv little knowledge abt technology n doesn't hv access to computer, guys who buy just for show off)

@Rishi : on his reply to my comment about xperia's superior browser, data usage by iPhone and themes n toys in cydia 

I was once a E fanboy. I did use SE xperia for a few days, in fact I was waiting for it just like the way I m now for 3gS. Opera is impressive but the edge iPhone has is the no of websites/webapps that serve custom page for it like gmail, fb or gamespot. Sad that iphone doesn't support flash but that haven't been much of a handicap while browsing. Baring a few, my experience with xperia was rather lukewarm. Might be, I had a lot of expectation from that device. 

On cydia, I m not talking about fart apps n themes. I meant stuff like cyntact, blacklist mxtube etc or AppStore stuff like bloomberg n Reuters n fedex or paid apps like flightstats n RTM. It's made work easy for me,  I am impressed by the no of business apps/webapps available.

On data usage,  yes it's because in iPhone safari, pages are loaded in full if an optimised version is not available and emails are loaded in full HTML. In addition to this,  I tend to download videos from youtube using iPhone instead of broadband… I know that's  stupid but I still do that at times.

SE xperia was a worthy contender, I hope  next version and many other devices announced by SE, Nokia and HTC on Andriod, Symbian and Maemo pose a worthy challenge to iPhone.

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