Saturday, August 22

personas - online identity portrait

Each one of us would have self googled to see our presence in the world wide web and often surprised see thousands of search results from all sorts of websites. Our online persona is increasingly becoming very important in real world as prospective employers, clients and even acquaintances resort to checking online presence as a means of ascertaining character.

I stumbled upon this MIT labs project which tries to represent this search data in a set of predetermined categories and thus create a sort of character portrait of one's online identity. I liked the real time visual representation of search results.

The current output isn't really useful, as it cannot differentiate between two individuals having the same name. My name was completely overshadowed by another who seems to be a pensions and financial market guru. Tough guy to crack with his name quoted all over the financial web.

However, its still a brilliant concept and we will certainly see better results as it evolves. Try it here at Personas by Aaron 
Oh we share the same first name