Saturday, August 29

Let the real Tablet wars begin!

Some years back, cellphones killed the PDA, started eating into personal media devices, then the digital cameras and even pose a challenge to GPS devices making  TOM TOM start working with Apple.  And now, cellphones are targeting the PC itself.

Battle for this segment is going to be bigger than anything we have seen yet. As Nokia and its peers try to capture a market segment traditionally served by Laptops and Net-books, they are openly challenging the likes of HP, Dell and Sony into an open battle. This may be the defining moment, for the likes of Sony, HP and Dell to re-look at their interest in mobile computers. The war is on and it looks like the lines between cellphones, tablets, net-books and laptops are blurring at a rate faster than the Moore's law

Nokia has taken the lead this time and has officially announced N900 ( all of you must have heard about it, with reviews buzzing around).

N900 (RX 51) and Maemo

N900 running on the latest of Maemo 5 comes with ample hardware and software oomph. While this device is not in smart phone segment, its quiet natural for anyone to  compare it with iPhone
N 900 design is a noticeable shift in Nokia' s strategy to a more Apple like combination of hardware, interface and services. While it certainly out-do iPhone 3GS on a tech-spec listing, responsive UI and content services including apps will be the crucial to N900's success.