Sunday, August 9

iPhone 3GS yet to reach India

The wait gets longer!
I had this countdown gadget on iGoogle set to August 9 and since the day 3GS debuted in USA and have been looking forward to August 9. Sadly, August 9 turned out to be a practical joke and my wait  just got longer. With dull sales last time, Vodafone and Bharati wont be particularly interested in this launch and hence wouldnt be compelling Apple to direct some stocks to India while they are shipped from China and Korea to the west. 
Now, most "market tech gurus"  talk of release date being set to august 22, 2009. Well there is no option but to wait and hope that those guys are correct this time. Worldwide sales have been rock solid for iPhone and inventory shortages have been cited at many countries with retailers running out of stock. So it seems quite natural that Apple isnt really eager to bring their new baby to Hindustan which remains one of the few remaining strong holds of finnish Nokia.
Airtel and Vodafone are partly responsible for weak sales in India,  mainly due to their half hearted campaigns and pathetic plans that were offered which didnt even have unlimited data. They actually promoted the Blackberry Storm in a much better way. Well everyone now knows that the Storm ended up like the Lull before storm. 

Apple has been kind enough to existing customers by maintaining the backward compatibility of iPhone OS and thus providing new features and tweaks to existing users too. OS 3.0 firmware has been a boon as the changes and new features in OS 3.0 has been keeping me occupied till now. 
I pray Iphone 3GS pricing should on the range of 32k, similar to 3G launch last year. Worldwide, the rates have been similar with the older 3G getting a price cut upto 50%. Hope these guys wont launch iPhone at 45k as quoted by many India centric techblogs and Gurus if they wish to sell atleast a few hundred of them.

On the other side, India's love for Nokia is good for me. I love the exclusivity iPhone has in India. And I love teasing my N95 and N96 friends with even stupid games like papertoss and Axe togo and some videos downloaded directly from Youtube using Mixtube.