Monday, August 17 - Google's microsoft moment

I chanced upon a brilliant article by Anil Dash with his views on the changing culture at Google and how Google is facing the same problems Microsoft had to face 15 yrs back as it entered the big league of business powerhouses.  
For me, Google has been the liberator company, one that kept finding newer ways to monetize and let its users enjoy the best of web free ( or with a few ads around). We still wouldn't have seen free unlimited storage, free maps, translations and many other things, if not for Google and the culture it ushered in.
I always never had an issue with Google having access to to much of my private information cause it never crossed the mind that Google could turn evil ever. 

But as Google moves ahead, from being a Giant start up to a company with too many investor interest and internal completions, its started showing signs of becoming a giant corporation business decisions. Till a few years back, Google developed for users, for us no matter what OS or what browser I used, it saw all equal. But today, its internally compelled to do more for Android or Chrome OS giving us the feeling that Google has started attempts to give an unfair advantage to Android and Chrome.

I must say, Anil has aptly coined this event as  "The microsoft moment".This is something each company entering the big league will have to face and address.