Saturday, June 20

OS 3.0 jailbreak for windows released

redsnOw released today

At last, Dev-team has released their windows based jailbreak application for OS 3.0 running on iPhone gen 1 and 3G. Dev team had released the Pwnage tool for Mac yesterday.

For Windows, Dev-team has released a do all application called redsnOw instead for Quickpwn as expected earlier. RedSnow can jailbreak the Original iPhone and iPhone 3G while it can also unlock the original iPhone. 

iPhone 3G users requiring an unlock (currently using yellowsnow for accessing network) must not use redsnOw until the unlock software for iPhone 3G named yellowsnow is released. yellowsnow is expected to be available on cydia soon. redsnOw doesnt work on iPhone 3GS

Now we can go ahead and have that much talked about OS 3.0 update without being worried of being locked out of our favorite network and probably show friends as to whats real copy paste.

You can download the official bittorrent release using this link: redsnOw torrent file
Make sure you read the entire instructions and warnings cited by Dev-team before you jump in.