Tuesday, June 16

N 97 - iPhone killer?

N 97 - iPhone killer?

I have been following N97 news since Nokia announced it in 2008 and really hope N97 puts up a tough challenge for Apple's iPhone 3GS. After all, everyone needs competition to excel. 

Hope this much hyped iPhone killer doesn't fizzle out like the Sony Ericsson Experia X 1. I loved the n97 promo videos and had almost pre ordered it. Well, WWDC made me change the plan and do the waiting game.

Techtree has come up with a detailed review on N97. The feature list is impressive and the hardware is tempting too. Nokia N 97 is going to be priced at around Rs. 36000, same as the current 16GB iPhone 3G. To be the iPhone killer, N97 needs to beat iPhone on the touch interface, connectivity and apps library, the built in iPod and now even speed, considering iPhone 3GS will be around by august.  

The review clearly says n97 is not so great on the touch interface. I liked the overall look and feel of the device including the widgets based home screen, but I think, way too much space has been wasted, they could have managed a bit more compact form factor and a richer feel. 

I don't think N 97 will cut into iPhone market globally, rather after a repositioning at 25k levels; it will eat into the n96 market! Moreover, iPhone 3G will be available with a reduced price tag, post 3GS launch

But Nokia needn't worry about that in India as iPhone won’t eat much into the Sub 25k market as long as it remains dependent on PC for media transfer, especially iTunes.  

Check out the Nokia n97 review at techtree.com. Sad part is, even though the review went into 14 pages, covering all of N 97 features, the verdict was rather lukewarm.