Saturday, June 20

iPhone day in USA

 Its literally iPhone day for USA as Apple's iPhone 3gS goes on sale today. 

Sadly I need to wait longer as iPhone 3GS will come to Indian only in August 2009. Thanks to dev-team, the wait wouldnt be frustrating as they are releasing the jailbreak app for OS 3.0 shortly. Dev-team has already released its pwnage tool for Mac users this morning. The quickpwn tool for Windows users is expected to be released anytime from now. 

Pwnage tool for Mac can jailbreak and unlock gen 1 iPhone(orginal iPhone) while it cant do the same to iPhone gen2 (iphone 3g) and the iPhone 3gS which was launched today. This would be possible once Ultrasnow (unlocker for 3G and 3GS) is released through cydia which is expected to happen tommorow or the day after. 

dev-team deserves a very big salute for the efforts put in to keep Apple iPhone free of restrictions and they dont even accept any donation nor do they have advertisements on their sites for revenue. That impressive.

Check the Engadget's review of iPhone 3gS and a comparison of the crowd outside Apple stores today and during the first launch in 2007


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