Tuesday, June 9

iPhone 3gS - its here

Finally the next installment in iPhone series is here. Rather than revolution, its evolutionary. Its so good to see that Apple invested its time and energy in improving the performance and response speed of iPhone, rather than going in for a cheeky cosmetic makeover.

It looks the same, but runs twice as fast as current iPhone 3G and has some new additions like video recording and magnetometer which are possible due to new additions to hardware. This is in addition to the increas in processing speed and RAM available for the device.

iPhone 3G will now sell at 99$, half its current rate of 199$, thats gona kill competition and do wonders for Apple. Other mobile manufacturers have a bigger problem now. Earlier they only lost the premium phone segment to Apple, now they are bound to loose the mid segment too.

OS 3.0 being available for all versions of iphone hardware will certainly make its existing consumers happy. Not many manufaturers do that.  That ensures iPhone 3G will sell, and so will the gen 1 phone in used phone markets off Asia and middle east.

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