Tuesday, June 23

iPhone 3G S got hidden HD capabilities


Within minutes of  launch, solutions experts Rapid Repair teared down the Apple's iPhone 3GS to reveal the components inside revealing a Samsung chip based on on ARM's Cortex A8 reference design running at 600MHz. 

Samsung's website states that this S5PC100 chip can run at 833Mhz and features a built-in, 720p multi format codec (MFC) video Engine which ensures smooth 30fps video encoding and playback at low power consumption, and supports three types of TV out interface (NTSC/PAL/HDMI)

Check Apple Insider's analysis of this chipset. However, Apple chose not to exploit the full potential of this chip, one reason would be battery life and it could be also a strategic calculation to unlock this capability in future when competitors introduce similar devices like HTC touch HD.

Developments in battery life and power consumption will hold the key to mobile HD and will revolutionize the way we consume HD content. Oh and I have already started dreaming about connecting my iPhone to any LCD screen and watch my favorite youtube videos in HD. Or how about downloading HD movies form iTunes store on the go or play NFS on my car

via: Apple Insider / Rapid Repair

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