Monday, June 8

E3 2009 - GOW 3

Its going to be a 9 month wait till march 2010. Official confirmation on the release date for 3rd installment of God of war came during last week's e3 event. 

GOW III was demo'ed during the event and was awesome. Being designed for PS 3 platform, developers had the flexibility to invest in more detail and a more upfront game play using PS 3's processing capabilities to the optimum. GOW 3 is made on an awesome scale and has a very dynamic environment. The number of opponents on screen at a time has increased many folds, when compared to GOW 2. To face that challenge, Kratos can now take control of those huge apes ( i think they are called cyclops) and use them to smash all those heavily armored guards. Kratos gets some new weapons in addition to his chaotic blades and an awesome rocket boot.

It indeed delivers on the huge expectations that fans have on this game series and Kratos is as brutal as ever.  

Kratos's attitude has been the main stay of God of War series and its just got even better with HD game play giving the Sony the scope to bring in more detailed facial expressions and combat in closeup. No other game character has been able to outdo Kratos, even though they were more brutal, powerful or whatever. 

GOW would be probably the only game series with such an awesome and gripping storyline and  a game play combination of puzzles + combat + tactics combination. Not to mention the mini games and boss battles. I think its the variety in opponents that Kratos has to face, that makes God of War so good. 

And for the next 9 months, the wait isn't that bad, PS3 has got a good lineup of releases scheduled across the next 12 months, starting with infamous.