Saturday, May 30

a game changer for google?

 Will this be a game changer for google?
Google wasnt really successfull with social applications with its products playing second fiddle to the likes of  facebook, delicious etc.

But its latest wonder baby, the wave can change it all!
Concept behind wave is to bring together discussions among a group over various channels like email, im, video etc on a specific topic into one browser screen which is updated in real time.Essentially merging ones email, im, blog, groups and twitter into one simple browser client.

It is more like a unifying all the collaborative web apps available into one mother of all collaborative app which can communicate with almost all social communication platforms. Being opensource means, there is a lot more to see. Though currently, it is seen as a evolution of email and im, the possibilities seems endless, especially the way it will redefine collaborative workspaces.

I would be so happy, to have a wave on specific subject rather than the need to search through emails n IMs to digg into the history of events on a specific topic. 

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