Saturday, May 30

a game changer for google?

 Will this be a game changer for google?
Google wasnt really successfull with social applications with its products playing second fiddle to the likes of  facebook, delicious etc.

But its latest wonder baby, the wave can change it all!
Concept behind wave is to bring together discussions among a group over various channels like email, im, video etc on a specific topic into one browser screen which is updated in real time.Essentially merging ones email, im, blog, groups and twitter into one simple browser client.

It is more like a unifying all the collaborative web apps available into one mother of all collaborative app which can communicate with almost all social communication platforms. Being opensource means, there is a lot more to see. Though currently, it is seen as a evolution of email and im, the possibilities seems endless, especially the way it will redefine collaborative workspaces.

I would be so happy, to have a wave on specific subject rather than the need to search through emails n IMs to digg into the history of events on a specific topic. 

More here from Mashable

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SE's fall from grace

SE seems like fast becoming the FIAT of mobile industry.

Another good friend of mine has a disastrous experience with SE, bringing back memories of what I went through last year resulting in this post.

Sony Ericsson seems to be getting everything wrong these days with all its product launches over 2008-09 failing miserably. SE has seen such phases of lackluster performance earlier too, however, now they face a problem which could mean life or death for any business -
Reputation and Confidence

SE is seeing a fast erosion of its reputation due to the dip in product quality and a worst ever after sales support network. Till 2007, it was known for being the pioneers in product design and virtually created the market for music and camera phones through its W and Cybershot series.

SE is on the down hill in 2008, 09 with products that were poorly designed and was low on new features. Its flagship C series was outclassed by N96 and W series became just another phone, which performed worse than most other average cellphones in the market. Much hyped Xperia fell flat on its nose.

Its recent products have been unappealing to its traditional customer base and SE's strategy to enter the volume markets didn't work well too. Not much thought has gone into design and came with a gamut of defects that placed a heavy load on SE's after sales support and services network. That has further alienated customers.

It would take a dozen of good products + service and some luck for SE to be back in business.

As a "former" SE fan boy, it's sad to see this downfall. Former, thanks to the my bad experiences with w910 and k850. Well it all started with T610 and then the T630, w800, w810, K810. The affair ended with w910. I took the w910 even after having a bad experience with k850, thinking k850 was a one of case, a minor aberration.

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Former SE fanboy, now in love with Apple