Thursday, March 19

iPhone - Game on

The iPhone 3.0 OS announced recently by Apple answers a wide range of requests and issues pointed out by both fans and critics of iPhone. From copy paste to MMS for users to access to iPod library and many other settings for app developers, Apple has opened a whole new world within the iPhone.

The release seems just in time to outdo upcoming devices from HTC, SE, Nokia, BB and the Android platform. You can check out the video here at Apple's iPhone page or learn more about the goodies in anvil here at Simon's blog

One thing I am in full praise of Apple is that, they still seems to care about their existing customers, even the ones who brought the first gen iPhone way back in 2007. Its just so nice to know that OS 3.0 will run on them to too, bringing even more value to my 1st gen device brought in 2007.

Which other mobile device manufacturer does such free and kind enchancements, or software releases as they call it other than the minor tweaks called firmware updates. Anyone who would have brought a HTC touch, Nokia N 85 or a sony k810 in aug 07 during the time I got my precious iPhone, would have exchanged it for an upgrade or would be sparingly using that phone. In the meantime, my iPhone keeps me hooked on to it, thanks to Apple's lavish updates and its ability to attract so many developers who keeps churning out interesting and useful apps everyday.

This is game changing for the industry which till date passed on even minor changes and upgrades as new exciting Models with minor hardware redesign, forcing customers for an upgrade to avail new features. Then Apple changes the very game by releasing massive software upgrades for free to existing customers with devices dating back to 2007.

Thank you Apple for your OS centric approach and thank you iPhonedevteam for promising that os 3.0 will be jailbroken!!!