Saturday, February 14

Apple App store content soares to cross 20000 apps

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 Iphone app store crosses another landmark. Though old news by now, its still suprising to know that iPhone has now more than 20000 apps available through appstore.
I remember the days when comparison on iPhone's hardware and software performance capabilities were done with WM6 powered HTCs, B Berry and symbian based Nokias which spoke of iPhone's inferiority at many fronts.  

Where is Andriod, Nokia and Blackberry. Oh and the LG cookie  thing. Truely, no company have been successfull in challenging appstore format and the revenue it generates. The free apps looks like a winner for Iphone as it adds to iPhone's overall apeal and makes it more of a necessity than the luxury it was when launched

App store along with Installer and Cydia available on jailbreaked iPhones makes iPhone the ultimate internet mobile device.

Well on the down side,  without a data plan, iPhone is more of a phone with some data that you cant delete. Without a PC + GPRS, iPhone is a phone on a brick. No wonder, I couldnt find any store that could help me with iPhone accessories here in my small, rich town in kerala

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