Sunday, December 14

vurnerable like a Goliath

Google Maps HybridImage by Telendro via Flickr
There is a big debate going on the misuse of tools like Google maps and messaging platforms like twitter by terrorist organisations. Many have called for restricting the availibility of google maps and similar services including global positioning systems. 
Instead of being restrictive like Taliban, we should use the same technology and information to our advantage. Had mumbai police been better equiped with gps and similar navigational and command n control aids, we might have possibly save more lives. From managing traffic for quick movement of armed forces and fire engines to locating and alerting the nearest police team, the scope is endless. 
We should be using our edge in IT in building an intelligent survillence network that can cover our huge shoreline and the porous borders with pak and bangladesh. 
Make it mandatory to have gps onboard all small n large vessels for entering indian waters. We have every right to know who enters n exits. If there is a deviation from pre declared routes, then our survillence software can alert the nearest coastguard vessel. 
Such an approach to adopting technology to leverage the best of our existing infrastructure would be far more productive than investing 100s of billions in an aged russian aircraft carrier.
Our enemy is not one country anymore. What we are dealing with is a small agile group of perverts who probably have more funding than the whole of Indian army. They remain so small and obscure that they still manage to evade even american search lenses. Like micro organisms they disperse and regroup across the globe, like mutants, they strike in different locations in different forms.
Our intelligence networks and security setups were designed for the coldwar period, for spying on countries, to fight invasions. Infront of these small groups, we stand vurnerable, like GOLIATH.
We must embrace technology to be one step ahead of terror groups.  Else all our measures to combat terrorist threats will be only reactive and cannot pre empt such an event.

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