Sunday, December 14

A Restrictive mindset wont help fight terror

I read an article about an advocate filing a public interest litigation against google n similar saterlite imagery based mapping services, sighting use for terrorist activities!
They are just providing information that already exists in public domain. Gmaps increased accesability of information. Detailed hardcopy maps have always been available for purchase at any bookstore since ages.
Technology has always been a Two sided coin. This debate has been going from the day man started using science to his advantage. Probably from the time man tamed fire. Atomic energy has been the subject of another major debate.
Registering case against google cause gmaps were used by terrorist is ridiculous. would someone register a case against cycle manufacturers cause cycles were used for the serials blasts across our country a few months back? Nor do we think of stop making planes because it was used for 9 / 11.
We should be using our edge in IT in building an intelligent survillence network that can cover our huge shoreline and the porous borders with pak and bangladesh.
Such an approach to adopting technology to leverage the best of our existing infrastructure would be far more productive than investing 100s of billions in an aged russian aircraft carrier.
What you and I can do for better security?
CO Operate. Co operate with security agencies, follow their guidelines while hiring a servant or while renting out an apartment.
AND VOTE. Exercising one's right to vote is now also one's duty to society and the Nation.

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