Monday, October 27

A muted Diwali???

Fireworks on day1 of Diwali as seen from marine drive, Mumbai. This Diwali seems to be rather muted thanks to the Sensex crashing down from 22k to 9k in a month leaving many retail investors and small time brokers take extreme steps like suicide.

As mumbai is the hub of Indian financial market, home to the biggest stock markets in India, no wonder why this Diwali has been less glittery and colorfull.

However, I wonder why all are so much worried about this market crashing affecting the retail investor, after all, its the greedy who would have put borrowed money on a inflated market at 22k, expecting to make a short term killing.

for people investing life time savings on stock markets that were at the peak of a bull run, I have a question.

Would you start a hotel, without knowing to cook or without having a good cook? If not, then why did you invest without understanding the basics.

Would you give your Honda or Ford to someone who doesnt know to drive or doesnt have a liscence? No right, then why did you put your money on stocks just because your neighbour made some quick money!!!

I am sure, all the guys out there, who knows exactly how to invest in stocks would'nt be worrying. They might have made money in this bear market.

Hope, the next Diwali brings the Bull along