Sunday, October 19

Blackberry Storm: will it storm?

RIM's latest in its blackberry lineup and its first in touch screen phones, is being launched in USA on Verizon and later in Asia and Europe through Vodafone during over the next 3months, hitting India in December.The blackberry Storm has been the most anticipated smart phone since the launch of iPhone 2.0 in July. 
Storm looks like an acknowledgment of Apple's design prowess. It is identical to iPhone in size, shape, weight, screen resolution and even the home screen.
Touted as iPhone killer, Storm's advantages include RIM's acclaimed email service and a Haptic onscreen keyboard. RIM claims the Haptic keyboard to be a revolutionary innovation which will change the current notions about onscreen keyboards. Storm's onscreen keyboard gives a response or feedback similar to physical keyboard. A clickable screen!
Storm will surely take the business phone market by storm, thanks to the deadly combination of iPhone like UI and RIM's email service and email client that the current BB users are used to.But whether it can shake up iPhone's un rivaled position in lifestyle segment is something we need to wait and watch.
With its pedigree, STORM will be built and can live up to the high expectations. But can it can match iPhone's USPs? - The ultra simple and minimalist UI, seamless graphics and response to touch gestures, iPod and multimedia capabilities and the best ever mobile browser.

RIM has worked on iPhone's shortcomings like cut-copy-paste, video recording and MMS. But that wouldn't be enough to rival iPhone. For sure, Mr. Jobs would have got his boys work on iPhone 3.0.
Competition is good!!!
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Images : Thanks to Engadget and Techtree