Thursday, September 18

g Phone launch nearing???

 Gphone - courtesy oHGizmo

 I just read on the Independent that Google had showcased its Android mobile operating system to the press on a iPhone sized touch screen device which also has a slide out qwerty keyboard.
Though Google didn't comment on whether the device itself is entering production, speculations are rife of this device "G Phone" reaching retailers for Christmas or even as early as thanksgiving week.

Its said that, the device showcased by Google is to be manufactured by HTC nicknamed the "Dream" and to launch on T Mobile. Hope the dream becomes reality soon. 

Well, the said post on Independent had many comments, mostly comparing it with iPhone and calling the Google version as a me - too device. As usual, my small comment became too big in the end, exceeding the character limits. 

Check out the post on Independent and the video of the Google press meet on android.
So here is my take on g Phone-

Why not, should try this out. the only thing I missed on my iPhone was a slide out keyboard, especially when surfing on landscape mode.

me - too, i don't agree to it. does that mean, all other than
Martin Cooper and Motorola are me - too companies?. After all someone would have made or invented a thing, but it can always be improved upon. Lets hope Google succeeds in exceeding iphone's interface simplicity, aesthetics and accurate response to thumb commands while bringing in the plus points of win mobile like copy paste, folder browsing etc.
Another recently launched "iPhone wannabe" was HTC's Touch Diamond. I tried it out days back, and when compared to my iPhone, its response to touch commands was a disaster. 
I think HTC knew very well that Diamond's 3d touch flo cant be trusted upon, cause they have also given hard keys for navigation and zoom!! Add to that, HTC diamond's interface, other than part skinned by 3d touchflo, looks awfully dirty and cluttered. Ex: its calendar.

There are hundreds of things that an iPhone cant do, but there isn't any phone currently in the market that rival iPhone in its core features - an excellent touch interface, super fast file browsing, both in i Pod mode and photo gallery, etc. 
An N95 or SE c 902 can take excellent photos, but cant match iPhone's image gallery n full screen browser with auto rotate and quick population of hundreds of thumbnails. iPhone image gallery glides so smoothly even with thousands of thumbnail being populated ( i have 2000+ images in its photo gallery). Its so simple to use, not having to dig deep into the menu to send as email or set as wallpaper. 

Another winning feature is i Phone's browser and number of iPhone optimized websites available. Yes, it cant copy and save images or text, but which other phone lets you use G talk on its native browser or have optimized websites for almost all social networks and productivity apps. 

The app store from Apple, with ever populating list of silly to excellent applications as made iPhone even more unrivaled. All said, iPhone is an iPod too, with excellent video playback and a sexy cover flow for music.

I hope the G phone becomes a worthy competitor to iPhone. 
 HTC Dream - courtesy Engadget
Check this link for a image gallery from the highly reputed and followed tech blog Engadget, claimed to be of G Phone aka HTC Dream.